Rush Limbaugh An Army of One

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Rush Limbaugh is, depending on who you ask, America's most beloved or most hated man. According to Zev Chafets, "one thing is certain: Limbaugh has been a partisan force for two decades. . . . but not since the mid-1990s has be been so prominent. Democrats have blamed him for everything from invading their primaries to starting scurrilous rumors about Michelle Obama. Limbaugh denies the latter accusation, but he happily embraces the former. His vehicle was so-called Operation Chaos, a radio campaign designed to encourage Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton and prolong internecine fighting among liberals."
Expanding on his much discussed New York Times Magazine cover story, Chafets portrays Limbaugh as the power player at the heart of the conservative movement, wielding the radio waves to set the national agenda. His audio book also provides a uniquely personal look at the self-described Most Dangerous Man In America, who gave Chafets extensive interviews and unprecedented access to his personal life for this audio book. Chafets talked at length to Rush's family, staff, friends, and begrudgingly admiring adversaries.
What emerges is a Rush far different from the one you think you know. Far from the big fat idiot vilified by the liberal left, Limbaugh is a true intellectual and political contender. As even Al Sharpton admits to Chafets, "he's the most dangerous guy we have to deal with on the right, including O'Reilly and Imus. They come at you with an ax. He uses a razor."
Plenty have books have criticized Limbaugh. This is the first serious audiobook that gives Limbaugh his due, and is sure to delight his many diehard fans.