Adam and Evil

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Gillian Roberts' witty, literate Amanda Pepper mysteries are irresistible. Following the adventures of Philadelphia's finest English teacher/ detective, the books crackle with humor and suspense. When a class trip coincides with a murder, Amanda's concern over the behavior of one of her students makes him the prime suspect. Dusting off her sleuthing skills in an effort to clear him, Amanda finds enough suspicious suspects to stuff a cheese steak sandwich. As she struggles to overcome a pompous principal, a romantic reference librarian, and a slew of listless students to get at the truth, Amanda starts to wonder if she should look for a new line of work. Adam and Evil showcases Roberts and Pepper at their snappy, wise-cracking best. Christina Moore's narration adds just the right touch of exasperated frustration. Listeners who enjoyed Amanda's earlier adventures in books like The Bluest Blood and The Mummer's Curse are in for another treat.


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