Gotti's Boys The Mafia Crew That Killed For John Gotti

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anthony M. DeStefano takes you inside John Gotti's inner circle to reveal the dark hearts and violent deeds of the most remorseless and cold-blooded characters in organized crime. Men so vicious even the other mafia families were terrified of them. Meet Gotti's Boys....

  • Charles Carneglia: the ruthless junkyard dog who allegedly disposed of bodies for the mob - by dissolving them in acid then displaying their jewels.
  • Gene Gotti: the younger Gotti brother who ran a multimillion-dollar drug smuggling ring - enraging his bosses in the Gambino family.
  • Angelo "Quack-Quack" Ruggiero: the loose-lipped contract killer who was wire-tapped by the FBI - and dared to insult Gotti behind his back.
  • Tony "Roach" Rampino: the hardcore stoner who looked like a cockroach - and used his gangly arms and horror-mask face to frighten his enemies.
  • "Sammy the Bull" Gravano: the Gambino underboss who helped John Gotti execute Gambino mob boss Paul Castellano - then sang like a canary to take Gotti down.

Contains mature themes.


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