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Galatians 5:1 tells us 'it is for Freedom that Christ has set us free'. This freedom is from God, not man. The natural man doesn't understand this freedom or what it means to truly be free because it doesn't serve man's agenda. But, someone who knows God and has been set free by God understands true freedom. We are set FREE to do all and be all that we are called to be. Only when someone has been set FREE can they know true love, true joy and true peace.


  • The Gift_Of_Miracles

    The Gift_Of_Miracles


    FreeAOG Message - The Gift_Of_Miracles

  • The Gift Of Faith

    The Gift Of Faith


    FreeAOG Message - The Gift Of Faith

  • Gift Of Healing

    Gift Of Healing


    FreeAOG Message - The Gift Of Healing

  • The Gift Of Prophecy

    The Gift Of Prophecy


    FreeAOG Message - The Gift Of Prophecy

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