The Great Gatsby

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No one - fictional or factual - embodies the Jazz age as completely as F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby. First published in 1925, this legendary novel continues to enthrall generations as it serves as a lens to view our not-so-distant past. Many of our notions about that period are taken from the pages of this book. Bathtub gin, flappers, and house parties that last all week enliven Fitzgerald's classic tale. Stylish and engaging, The Great Gatsby is also a startling literate portrait of Gatsby's search for meaning in his opulent world. With his sharp social insight and breathtaking lyricism, Fitzgerald stands out as one of the most important American writers of the 20th century. Frank Muller's timeless interpretation enhances the imagery of Gatsby's stylish and unfulfilling world with brilliance and insight beyond the printed word.


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