Ajob Saja (আজব সাজা)

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"Sir, Bhola is imitating me." "No, Sir, I was scratching my ears, so my face looked crooked!"

Without opening his eyes, Panditamshai said very calmly, "Ah! You notorious boy, always up to something mischievousness! Stand up." All the students were silent for half a minute. Then it was heard again, "Why aren't you standing?" "Why should I stand?" "The teacher asked you to stand up." "No, he didn't tell me to stand up! Ask Ganasha? "Hey Ganasha, didn't Sir tell him to stand up?" Ganesha was not so clever, he slowly got up and started calling the teacher, "Sir! Excuse me Sir!"

The teacher was annoyed and said, "What??!!" Ganesh Chandra asked desperately, "Who did you ask to stand, Sir?" Teacher said, "I told you, Go stand up." He closed his eyes again.

What happened then? Play and listen to the video to find out!