On Wings

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Magic ruined my life once. I can't let it happen again.

I grew up chasing the fae through the garden, pretending I saw ghosts in the house, and dreaming of dragons. That's all long behind me now. Mother's spells didn't save her and, in turn, I dedicated myself to science.

Work as a paleontologist is everything I dreamed it could be. You find solid facts buried thousands of years ago. You can quantify those facts. It's real. You can touch it, prove it, and most of all; you know it works. My team never meant to find a nest of dragon eggs at a dig site. And I'm the only one who recognizes what they are.

Now, I have a fire-breathing freak chasing me out of the sane world and into his. Worse, he has a whole bunch of friends with him. Why? Because I'm the only one who can help them retrieve the nest.

They're dragging me back into the supernatural, a place I never wanted to see again and one I didn't truly believe in. Drowning in debt like so many others, I need the money the dragons are offering-but not if it burns me down in the process.

Contains mature themes.