A Wet Midsummer Night's Dream - Erotic Short Story

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"He glides into me slowly and puts some of his weight on me which makes my body press hard against Sofia's and I struggle to make my first orgasm last as long as possible in between their slippery bodies. I meet Sofia's gaze and her lips. They are incredibly soft and tastes like strawberry wine. Her tongue is slippery and smooth. She does her best to embrace both me and her boyfriend with her long arms and legs. I am surrounded by their bodies, their scent and their touch."Midsummer night is full of mystery, and it vibrates from sexual tension. The midnight sun throws its light over the deep forest of northern Sweden where a group of friends let go of all their inhibitions and explore each other's bodies. A celebration of summer and fertility results in an orgy in the middle of a field, surrounded by flowers. A wet Midsummer night’s dream is a feminist erotic short story.