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  • Gun Violence Complicates Police Reform; Surviving Colon Cancer

    13/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    Sociology professor Patrick Sharkey discusses how gun violence in America makes meaningful police reform more difficult. And, after actor Chadwick Boseman died last August at the age of 43 from colon cancer, the world learned about the startling rise of colorectal cancer rates. Ibram X. Kendi and Paul Rawate talk about their journeys and their message about early screening.

  • '144' Highlights WNBA'S 2020 Season; Black Leadership Stalled At 4%

    13/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    ESPN's "144" focuses on the 144 WNBA players who gathered in Bradenton, Florida, to play a shortened season that focused on Black Lives Matter activism. The documentary's co-directors join us. And, writer Jamal Simmons discusses why he thinks so few American institutional leaders are Black and why he thinks "staged integration" is the solution.

  • Offsetting Emissions Using Forests; Urban Renewal Reparations

    12/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    In Athens, Georgia, former residents of a neighborhood erased by Urban Renewal have won reparations of a sort. Georgia Public Broadcasting's Grant Blankenship reports. And, California's forest offset program has generated more than $20 million "ghost credits" that don't achieve real climate benefits. ProPublica's Lisa Song explains the problem with the program.

  • 'Los Hermanos/The Brothers' Documentary; Southeast Gas Shortages

    12/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    Two brothers, both Cuban-born musicians, were separated for decades by tensions between the U.S. and Cuba. "Los Hermanos/The Brothers" shows how in recent years, the two have been able to perform together. And, after a ransomware attack forced the largest pipeline in the U.S. to shut down, there are reports of long lines and shuttered stations from Florida to Virginia.

  • 'Murderbot' Author Martha Wells; Jobs Numbers Spark Unemployment Debate

    11/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    Martha Wells' science fiction series "Murderbot Diaries" has been a best seller. Producer Emiko Tamagawa talked to Wells about her creation. And, Friday's disappointing jobs numbers sparked a partisan debate over whether extended federal unemployment benefits are to blame. We explore both sides of the conversation.

  • 'Secrets Of The Whales'; Concerns Over Instagram For Kids

    11/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    National Geographic's "Secrets of the Whales" explores the distinctive cultures of different whales around the world. Underwater photographer Brian Skerry joins us. And, 44 attorneys general have come out against Facebook's plan to make an app for kids called Instagram Youth. The executive director for the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood shares his concerns.

  • Sexual Assault In The Military; Veteran On Ending The Afghanistan War

    10/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    Amy Marsh says she was sexually assaulted after an Air Force function. She discusses a new bill that aims to overhaul how the military handles sexual assault. And, retired Staff Sgt. Travis Mills lost portions of both arms and legs in Afghanistan. Mill doesn't regret his sacrifice but he agrees with Biden's plan to bring the troops home.

  • Fixing The Homeless Crisis On LA's Skid Row; 'Together Together'

    10/05/2021 Duração: 42min

    An order from a federal judge says Los Angeles must provide shelter to all unhoused people living on Skid Row by fall. Host Tonya Mosley gets two differing opinions on the order. And, Nikole Beckwith's film "Together Together" tells the story of the relationship between a 40-something man who wants a child and his gestational surrogate. The writer-director joins us.

  • Sol Y Canto Fuses Family With Music; Let's Talk About Race

    07/05/2021 Duração: 41min

    Alisa Amador and Rosi Amador are two-thirds of Sol y Canto, a music group started by Rosi Amador and her husband 25 years ago. They join us to discuss their latest album. And, it's difficult for most white people to talk about race. Professors Marlene Fine and Fern Johnson discuss their book, "Let's Talk Race: A Guide for White People."

  • In Conversation With Maxwell, 25 Years Since 'Urban Hang Suite'

    07/05/2021 Duração: 23min

    In 1996, Maxwell planted the seed for what would become a new genre.

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