Blood Cauldron

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Blood will flow

In a world where magic stems from crystals and blood, the sadistic and beautiful sorceress queen Loli plots the imminent invasion of Havenglade from high atop the haunted tower of Xanith Castle. In one fell swoop, she will overrun Havenglade’s bastion of defense, The Outpost a series of legendary walls which have guarded Havenglade from the threats of the Kastig Badlands for generations.

Laurena came to the badlands under the guidance of her teacher, the legendary wizard Unai. But when Unai mysteriously vanishes Laurena must decide if the cruel and barbaric ways of the badlands are something she can believe in. As rebel groups multiply, the queen’s harsh responses will test Laurena’s limits, and beg the question: is Havenglade really the enemy?

The Crown Prince Trium is on the run. After slipping away from Gradur Castle and the monotony of life at court he embarks on a dangerous journey. With the help of an aging wizard and a team of rough outcasts Trium must find the Blood Cauldron, a magical and deadly weapon that allows the minions of the badlands to shapeshift. They must destroy the Blood Cauldron before the assassins lay waste to the leaders of Havenglade.

Meanwhile Razik the mysterious monk of the Black Dragon Order plans a string of assassinations intent on killing every last member of the Duenoro royal family.

A hero will rise…or a kingdom will fall.


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