Perception Beyond Our 5 Senses

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Everything we do in this life is nothing but a transition, the transition only stops the moment you begin to identify yourself with something. Unconditional love and true happiness do exist if one stops seeking them elsewhere, as they both lie within us all. A miracle only seems like a miracle to those whose visions are clouded by life’s illusions. Who you truly are will take you to where boundaries do not exist while your ego will create boundaries through your life with limited possibilities. Heaven and Hell are not geographical places but what you manifest within yourself (blissfulness or chaos). Words spoken have no reality, no meaning, no sense and yet you have created meaning to them, your whole life is based on these words and you suffer them in every single way. Birds were created to fly and without their wings, they are lost. Humans were created to be loved and without love, they are lost. It is only through love and compassion that we are able to blossom. It is only through love that we are able to reach the depth of ourselves. It is only through love that we are able to concur anything. At the end of it all, we will all eventually reach a place within us where love is a state of mind and a state of being. A ladder is required to step up to this place and climb up the stairs step by step. Without the ladder, one will collapse and crumble. We truly do carry messages through energy force for each other to figuring out the core of who we are but this is often overlooked as most people are busy trying to either teach you something or seek something from you, completely missing the chance to learn something about who they truly are through others.


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