A Kiss To Build On

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Ellie is fiercely strong and independent. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

Peter is strong and endearingly handsome. His motives are clear and above reproach. Once he commits himself to something he goes all in, be it love or war.

He is an FBI agent.

She owns one of the most successful spas in Boca Raton.

They shared one earth shattering kiss before Peter ran away with Ellie's heart.

More than a year has passed, but in their hearts they both knew they would see each other again.

The day finally came, Peter was back, a bit broken, but all man. Ellie forgives him for running away; she couldn't help herself. But Peter's return brings big trouble for the reunited couple in a life or death situation.

Ellie, caught in the crossfire, is kidnapped as a result of a case Peter is working on. the wife of a man he killed is out for revenge and will take out Peter's entire family if she has to; starting with his woman. The kidnapper is cunning and lethal but she has never met anyone like Ellie whose patience will leave her bewildered and confused. Peter will try to move heaven and earth to rescue the woman who holds his heart in the palms of her hands.


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