Naughty Week

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Naughty Week... That time between Christmas and New Year’s when Santa goes on vacation and kids are allowed to be as naughty as they want to be. Or is it? For Harrison and his brother Max, it most certainly is because they found the travel itinerary that proves it. 

When one of Santa’s misfit elves arrives to collect the evidence, she further fuels the boys’ naughty adventures. But when Harrison takes Naughty Week too far with a literal cat burglar and hatches a plot to “fake rob” a bank, things spiral out of control. For Harrison, there’s only one person that can fix the mess he’s created: Santa Claus. In the end, Harrison learns there are always consequences for his actions. 

Exploring such themes as family, change, choices, and loss, NAUGHTY WEEK is a fun-filled Christmastime novel that captures the earnest spirit of a 10-year-old boy.


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